Argentina – Cha Cha Cha!

All has been quiet here for a few months essentially due to the fact that we got scared, my contract at Microsoft ended and am now on unemployment.  We just couldn’t talk about it anymore.  We had already been through so so much and we just let it go for awhile.

Then Alice had Aidan, their 6th child.  When I was at the hospital visiting her she said, “there is always going to be something in the way.  You just have to go for it before you can’t anymore.”  Thank you Alice!  I love that all my girlfriends have been SO supportive through all of this and I couldn’t agree more.

After looking through all the clinics abroad I realized that I would very much like an egg donor that is from a Latin country since Rob will be using his swimmers – I would like some of my heritage in the mix.  There are no clinics available to Americans in Brazil but there are many in Argentina and Spain.   I contacted several of them and found the right fit with a clinic in Buenes Aires.   Ok! Lets do this!

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