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couple turns to FB for IVF funding

I have been reading a few articles on grants for IVF. There are actually only two and I have yet to determine if they are even accepting applications for couples going abroad since the grants (should you be selected) pay … Continue reading

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rates, success, theory, data

Yeah, it can get down right technical and quantitative when calculating your success rate.  (Issue x) y = Rate/(age) π  with(out) ED² While I actually love math, specifically trig, I try not to dwell too deep into success rates.  You … Continue reading

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this just brings tears to my eyes

Hatching Be free little baby, be free! 🙂

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I read a blog today from someone who has almost an identical tale as mine.  Today she posted that she doesn’t give a shit if people think she is crazy for looking at cribs and purchasing onesies she sees and … Continue reading

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Freakin’ hilarious!

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diagnosis: your eggs? well, they split.

I have poor ovarian reserve or natural decline of ovarian reserve or impaired ovarian  reserve.  Same thing, different name.   That is our diagnosis and nothing else.  IVF with an ED was the perfect solution, our best option.  Everyday I read … Continue reading

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New look

I changed the look of the journal, created a new header image and added the ability for Email subscription.

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Acronyms? Yep.

Since I spend a lot of time reading fertility forums, acronyms are common and I may will use them on this journal: CR  – Czech Republic 2ww – 2 Week Waiting (after transfer) ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology BD – … Continue reading

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To my health. A Toast

Today is day 3 of no cigarettes or coffee.  I was a 1/2 pack smoker and 2 shots of espresso daily addict 🙂  Now I am drinking a ginger tea in the morning and no cigarettes.   Also, taking pre-natal vitamins … Continue reading

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sick today

I had a doctors appointment yesterday with a long checklist: Blood work / type / Rubella (they took 4 vials of blood) EKG Urine sample Got prescription for Pre-natal vitamins Flu Shot Stop smoking discussion Klonipin while pregnant discussion The … Continue reading

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Pixies Lullaby CD

I really, really want Jill to be able to hand that to me one day.  I really do.  I know she wants to too.  She would be the best Auntie in the world.

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Status:  Working with coordinator in Brno, Czech Republic. Clinic Reprofit International. Dates/Leaving: March, 2011 Days in CR: 7 Contributions: $600 (stuff I sold on Ebay)

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school and boo(b)s :)

I was approved for training benefits to return to school.  That was one of the most bureaucratic hoop jumping I think I have ever experienced.  Anway, its finished and approved.   Enrollment starts tomorrow.  chemistry and  biology at TCC then off … Continue reading

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this book has been terrific

I purchased this book from Amazon last year and have referred back to it often.  It definitely has some great tips and information.  There is even a chapter on traveling abroad for IVF.  When I first read that chapter I … Continue reading

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treasure chest for books

I think I will start placing a few books I have around here in a chest … just in case. So far: Winnie the Pooh Star Wars: R2D2 Question & Answer Book about Computers Barbie: In The Spotlight Skateboard Monsters … Continue reading

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hand-me-downs and kisses

Alice, has been saving a bunch of her baby clothes from both Sophie (18 months) and Aidan (1 week old) for me.  It is her way of keeping me positive and her loving way of support.  I have a feeling … Continue reading

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Air/Sky Miles!!

Rob found another 15,000 miles on a Delta card! Yaaay! That brings the grand total of miles to roughly 55,000. Hopefully we can use them.

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Costs Update

The breakdown for Czech Republic/Prague/Clinic Reprofit: Procedure: $7,800 Airfare: $1,600 Accommodations: $300

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B.U.M.P.S. Grant

I am applying for this grant given to couples seeking IVF treatment. Application deadline for 2011 is July 31, 2011. Applications will be reviewed during the month of August and applicants will be notified in late September about the grant. … Continue reading

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she said it would always be something

So one of my best friends said, “it will always be something that will make you want to delay this, so just get moving.” Well today Rob had to pay over $2,000 for his truck repairs.  Ugh.  He feels horrible … Continue reading

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