hand-me-downs and kisses

Alice, has been saving a bunch of her baby clothes from both Sophie (18 months) and Aidan (1 week old) for me.  It is her way of keeping me positive and her loving way of support.  I have a feeling she has also started a maternity clothes pile 🙂

I guess we girls get ahead of ourselves but Alice just talks to me as if it is a done deal.  That is her.  I love her dearly.

By the way, Aidan is their sixth child.   She is the most patient, kind, amazing mom.  Her kids are extremely well-rounded and just great to be around.   I am so lucky to have her in my life.  All my girlfriends are just fantastic.

TJ, Caitlane, Paige, Alice (5 months pregnant here with Sophie), Madeline and Ava.

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One Response to hand-me-downs and kisses

  1. Alice says:

    You know I’m saving things for you sweetheart!

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