To my health. A Toast

Today is day 3 of no cigarettes or coffee.  I was a 1/2 pack smoker and 2 shots of espresso
daily addict 🙂  Now I am drinking a ginger tea in the morning and no cigarettes.   Also, taking pre-natal vitamins daily.

Doctor called this morning and all my tests were normal with the exception of my thyroid levels which she said “were slightly high.”  I am hoping the omission of cigarettes and espresso will help.  I will get another FSH BW in a month or so.  This is super important to normalize while TTC.

Next, an exercise regime.   I would like to loose this extra 10 pounds I am carrying.  I try and cook everyday and create a menu from healthy menus.  Loads of fish, some chicken, veggies and salads.  I have really cut back on our pasta, breads and baking goods.  Sometimes I can’t resist Rob’s batting eyes in need of homemade cookies but I try not to have any for myself.

I feel really good.

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3 Responses to To my health. A Toast

  1. Terri & Dad says:

    The Robbins guys sure like their sweets…so good luck!! Glad all is well………………much love and have a great THanksgiving.

  2. Thank you Terri! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys too!! xoxoxo

  3. Linda says:

    Congrats on three days of NO smokes! Yay! and no caffeine, that would be the worst for me. Keep up the good work!
    Much love and Happy Thanksgiving!

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