diagnosis: your eggs? well, they split.

I have poor ovarian reserve or natural decline of ovarian reserve or impaired ovarian  reserve.  Same thing, different name.   That is our diagnosis and nothing else.  IVF with an ED was the perfect solution, our best option.  Everyday I read countless blogs and articles regarding infertility, IVF, traveling abroad and it makes me truly sad to read the many complications and diagnosis that plague other couples reading these same pages.

I was talking to Rob about this … that in what I have to believe, and from what I understand, our chances are really good for success.  My uterus was scored perfect, thick and without obstructions – quote from my US IVF physician, “you have the uterus of an 18-year old and a perfect candidate for IVF with donated eggs.”  Rob’s swimmers are super quick.   We are so fortunate that are chances are very good.  It just breaks my heart when I read so many stories of couples that are dealing with so much, including multiple failed attempts.  I could be one of them as well too.  By no means am I saying that wham bam! we are pregnant! No.  I am a realist.  I understand that nothing comes without risks.  We are taking this one.  A BIG ONE!  I guess I just feel in my heart we are going to be OK because we don’t have any real ‘issues’ and that makes me positive, happy, right along with nervousness, anxiousness and excitement.

Our treatment for our diagnosis:
Donor oocyte. Oocyte donation is the most successful method for producing pregnancy in low ovarian reserve  women.  A 1995 study reported that women age fifty or higher experience similar pregnancy rates after oocyte donation as younger women.  They are at equal risk for multiple gestation as younger women.
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