I read a blog today from someone who has almost an identical tale as mine.  Today she posted that she doesn’t give a shit if people think she is crazy for looking at cribs and purchasing onesies she sees and likes, then packs them in a lovely trunk that will hopefully be placed in a nursery.  She talks about how these small details keeps her positive and happy.  She freely admits that it could be all for naught but doesn’t care.  She admits it sounds a bit loony and someone might use their best psycho-babble and say its mental.  She doesn’t care and you know what I TOTALLY understand where she is coming from.  I really do.

Mother’s Day about two years ago I ordered my mom this garden set from an online site that caters to Moms and Dads but has some super cute gifts there too. Since that order I now get a zillion catalogs for kids stuff.  Baby clothes, toys, furniture, you name it.  I have been tossing them after a quick glance but some of them I have been putting aside.  A picture of a little rug rat in a winter snuggly bunny suit makes me smile from ear to ear and if thats crazy well then kiss my bunny butt 🙂

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