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i had to have all my mammo tests re-done with the ‘super duper’ machines and an ultrasound.  i have a few cysts that have been there for a few years but they are so dang thorough.  after the super duper … Continue reading

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Rob, my Santa

I want to talk about Rob for a minute. Without a doubt I can say, no hesitation and with great emotion, that I have found true love.  Straight out of the script from The Princess Bride.  Rob is the most … Continue reading

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Rob = Done!

Well we know our blood types now! Rob is O+ Marina is A+ Not sure how the clinic uses these to match a donor to us but I believe since I am (+) the donor’s blood type should be (+) … Continue reading

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Oh Mom

My mom asked why I didn’t look into someone else carrying the pregnancy since she is worried about the health risks.  She said the first words out of my little brother’s mouth when they talked about it was, “this is … Continue reading

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Baby Bracelet

Oh my goodness these bracelets are adorable.  I couldn’t help myself in looking through this site today.  So sweet.

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You do whatever you can.

Grappling with the etiquette or ethics of asking for funds is a tough one.  Especially when you know that right in your own family people have dealt with cancer and those costs, heart condition and those costs, raising children, unforeseen … Continue reading

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Rob = Done!

Rob had his BW done today so now we are finished with all the freakin’ tests .. for now.  At least we have a couple of months without going to the damn doctor.  Yaay!

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I want to thank the amazing and thoughtful people (who will remain anonymous) for their donations.  It is really starting to feel like we can do this.  We love you!

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it couldn’t hurt

-Eating pineapple (with core) between ER* and ET*. -Avoiding strong smelling soaps, shampoos, and perfumes during ER and ET. -Drinking pomegranite and blackberry juice during stims. -sunlight may help with fertility -dha is a good supplement to add -Walnuts may help … Continue reading

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Done! (for awhile at least)

After more than a year of tests, consultations, gobs and gobs of blood drawn, more tests and more tests .. I am done!!! All that is left for me medically is to start BCPs next month to regulate my period … Continue reading

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sorry, more doc visits and updates

Seems all I have been updating about are doctor appointments!  Sorry.  I am sure it gets boring if you are following along 🙂 This week was … to put it mildly .. women’s health checkup and Friday is the mammo.  … Continue reading

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Cholesterol? Hmm. Whats this all about?

Last of the BW is now in.  The final two, which I had to fast for, were Glycemia and Cholesterol.  The results came in the mail with a cover letter from my doc that said both tests were in the … Continue reading

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Yep, its a crazy thing I have ventured into

I do not expect that everyone will understand what I am going through. I do not expect that everyone will understand what I have been through. I do not expect that everyone will want to become IVF experts. I do … Continue reading

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last of the BW

Yesterday was the last of my blood work being sent off to the clinic in CR.  Rob has to do some then I believe we are done with labs.  Thank goodness!  I have had 12 tests ran in the last … Continue reading

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