last of the BW

Yesterday was the last of my blood work being sent off to the clinic in CR.  Rob has to do some then I believe we are done with labs.  Thank goodness!  I have had 12 tests ran in the last couple of weeks.  That’s a whole lotta blood.  I feel poopy and tired lately too.  Not sure what’s going on.  Probably the minimizing of caffeine and the elimination of nicotine.  That has to be a shock to the body I would imagine.

Next, I start BCPs to regulate Aunt Flo and time everything with the lovely Egg Donor and me … and next week is Mammo.    A lot of poking and prodding that’s for sure.

Last on the list are procedures that will happen a month before we leave like some injections I will be on and some gnarly ultrasounds of the inner kind :/

Did find out that my blood type is  A+  Funny how few of us know that information huh?

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