I want to thank the amazing and thoughtful people (who will remain anonymous) for their donations.  It is really starting to feel like we can do this.  We love you!

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2 Responses to xoxoxo

  1. Terri & Dad says:

    Quilt will be coming right after Xmas holidays so you can get it to who ever is doing the raffle or fundraiser. The size of the quilt is 75″ x 93″ . Just multi colored old fashion quilt. Not the prettiest she has made but she is putting a personalized label on one corner for *BABY DUST*………..I asked her to do that…so whomever gets it will remember what it was for *S*…I only had 4 to pick from and this was the king-queen size that was the best colors, she just uses scraps not matching colors…Now if she gets the other 3 back that she sent out to have sewed, I will look at those and then decide if one is prettier than the other…But will get it sent soon I dont know what time frame you need this in but if you let me know I will just decide then to wait for a prettier one or just this one so you can get it for raffle etc Love u guys 🙂

    • Awh!! What a great idea to add Baby Dust! I love that Terri!

      Thank you for doing this and of course for Doris helping us too. Its really so so nice of her. I know you will pick out the prettiest one 🙂

      No real time line. I am just waiting for the holidays to be through and then the girls and I will sit down and work out all the details. I imagine the raffle will happen in February.

      Love you too!

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