Oh Mom

My mom asked why I didn’t look into someone else carrying the pregnancy since she is worried about the health risks.  She said the first words out of my little brother’s mouth when they talked about it was, “this is going to kill her.”  Seriously?  I am super healthy and although I may not be 20 I am still a firecracker and healthy!  I cannot impress upon anyone who doubts I can do this that I have seen over a dozen doctors along the way including Maternal Infant Care and NONE – not ONE – of those doctors believed I was at risk or that I should not seek IVF.  Not one!  None are trying to profit from their recommendation either since all are aware we are going abroad.  I have been through every type of body/mind analysis known to man and passed with flying colors!  We are also talking about the finest care physicians in this area.

Anywho .. I vent and digress …… sorry.

Unfortunately, cost is a factor every step of the way in weighing our options.  Again, unfortunately this IS a factor.  I wish I wish I wish we could just wham bam done and doner but we can’t and we love each other tremendously and although Rob could easily meet a 20 year old and do this the easy way, we love each other and will do whatever it takes to raise a family .. together.

Surrogacy: $70,000
IVF in the US with egg donor: $25,000 – $30,000
Adoption: $25,000 – $30,000 (and locating a newborn in the US is getting more and more difficult as teenage girls keep their babies and raise them with the help of their own parents).

While we are not ruling out any of the above we feel we have made the right decision in IVF with Egg Donor in the Czech Republic, with a state-0f-the-art facility, with a 19-year olds eggs to which we can freeze the ‘leftovers’ for $7,800.  So when you look at it like that it seems .. awesome!

I think my Mom feels better knowing there are some Hollywood stars who had IVF late in life, so here is the list.

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