You do whatever you can.

Grappling with the etiquette or ethics of asking for funds is a tough one.  Especially when you know that right in your own family people have dealt with cancer and those costs, heart condition and those costs, raising children, unforeseen medical costs and loss of jobs.  All those issues are not missed on us and that is why it is so difficult.  We know we will be talking to our banker.  We know this but we also will reach out as a lot of couples have to do.

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2 Responses to You do whatever you can.

  1. Terri & Dad says:

    I just put in for a credit card…… Now How do I use it to help you guys? Read the Baby Or Bust article…and it had Amazon as a way to help donate I think. Please let me know….xoxox

    • Hi Terri! I am not sure but sent the lady for the website an email to ask. You are lovely to think of us .. again! We really appreciate your help! Rob will be calling you and Dad tonight. We can’t thank you two enough. xoxo

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