Rob = Done!

Well we know our blood types now!

Rob is O+
Marina is A+

Not sure how the clinic uses these to match a donor to us but I believe since I am (+) the donor’s blood type should be (+) as well?  I think this article explains it best.  Seems there are two basic reasons to the mix: 1)  What combo of types will give the baby; and 2) if the blood type of the baby is an impossibility to your own combo due to ED then the truth of the child’s creation in a lab is undeniable.  Rob and I would never keep that a secret and would be completely truthful.  I actually found this book on Amazon that I think is wonderful.

Finally, all of Rob’s BW came back perfect.  We are clean as whistles, board certified and contain no by-products 🙂

Phase I done!!

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