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… and you thought I was through with being poked.

I made an appointment with an Infertility Acupuncturist to start having weekly sessions.  Acupuncture is a common program for women going through an IVF cycle as it supports not only assisting with minimizing uterus contractions which is one cause of … Continue reading

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Presumptuous Nesting

I saw a stroller on display out of the corner of my eye at Target today.   I went and pushed a few of them around.   I couldn’t help myself

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Every day is busy!

I need to time manage better.  I get so engrossed in what I am doing that the time flies by!!  School is going great but I do need to spend more time on my homework instead of reading blogs, updating … Continue reading

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must …. feel …. better

I have felt pretty bad for weeks now.  It was so bad I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics and said I had an upper respiratory infection.  They didn’t work and I still feel terrible.  Then it … Continue reading

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Flights booked!

We booked our flights last night.  Yaay!!  I need to update the calendar below though.  We are flying into Prague instead of Vienna.  The travel time to Vienna was just way too long and the same price. Wow.  Now on … Continue reading

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Checking off the list!

Rob wired the deposit to the clinic this morning! Wow.  I can’t even believe it.  I am so proud that we managed to save a bunch of dough this past month.  I would also like to thank my school for … Continue reading

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Another Zlin Video

This video was uploaded to one of the forums where I am a member.  Thought I would share it along here.  Very cool time-lapsed vid.

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Update: We changed clinics.

After much deliberation and talking to other ladies going through this on various forums, especially my cycle buddy Sharon, we have decided to move to a different clinic in the Czech Republic located in Zlin. This clinic has AMAZING pregnancy … Continue reading

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Making the deposit. No not that one!

We managed to save just over $1,000 and are sending the deposit, required by the clinic, on Wednesday.  Pause. Wait for it ……………………       YAAAY!!

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We need a date (and can’t be late)

Before we can book our air travel I have to get approval from one professor if I can take a final early.  I should know on Tuesday whether it is possible or not.  We only have a very small window … Continue reading

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The forms and papers are sent!

After over a year of constant doctor appointments, pokes, prods and consultations, the medical paperwork that has amassed is staggering.  Today I scanned each paper, created them in PDF, filled out two forms required by the clinic, and sent them … Continue reading

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Finally, a baby dream.

I have wondered when it would happen.  It happened last night.  Rob was laying in bed, his left hand on his cheek, raised up on his elbow, looking over our laughing, happy, hands and feet kicking in the air, baby … Continue reading

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They are the fundraiser champs!

One day I was on FB looking for groups for IVF and found this page started by Aaron and Allison Brouwer who were raising funds for their IVF treatment in Canada.  They needed to raise $12,000 and ultimately raised every … Continue reading

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