They are the fundraiser champs!

One day I was on FB looking for groups for IVF and found this page started by Aaron and Allison Brouwer who were raising funds for their IVF treatment in Canada.  They needed to raise $12,000 and ultimately raised every penny.  I wrote Allison and asked her what they did to raise their funds.  She wrote back with  the message below.  Yesterday I asked her if  I could post her message on my blog in hopes that other couples would find it and she gave me consent today.  I am just floored at the what they did and completely inspired.

From Allison:

Hi Marina

We sent a letter to all of our family and friends who do not live near us letting them know what we were going thru. We also sent an envelope that had a stamp on it with our return address if they wanted to donate. We sent a refund card for them as well that asked what they would want us to do with the money if we happened to get pregnant naturally (ex: give to a charity, return to them or use for future child).  I think that the letter might be on our page on facebook.

My husband has an awesome work place so we sent out letters to everybody he works with letting them know what we were planning. We decided to try to raise the money ourselves if possible so my husband did any odd job that anybody had for him to do. He charged $50 for 4 hours or $100 for 8 hours. He mowed lawns, helped build sheds, chopped firewood, prettty much a ton of stuff that people dont like to do themselves.

I made apple pies and charged $10 a pie. So I made them and gave them out frozen so they could defrost and bake. I ended up making almost 300 pies! We have amazing friends and family that pitched in anyway possible. We did end up raising all of our funds and in only 3 months. So we raised about $12000.

The [auction] sounds like a good idea. I dont know if it would have worked for us but I have heard of it working for people who were doing adoption.

We are doing IVF next month and i started my first injections today. We are doing it here in British Columbia. We have been in contact with somebody from the US who was able to do IVF thru a trial process so she did not have to pay for anything! And she was lucky enough to get prego on the first try.

So I hope this helps. If you have any more questions just let me know


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