Finally, a baby dream.

I have wondered when it would happen.  It happened last night.  Rob was laying in bed, his left hand on his cheek, raised up on his elbow, looking over our laughing, happy, hands and feet kicking in the air, baby who was wearing a blue and white stripped onesie with blue buttons and blue trim.  It was a boy and he was very blonde.  I was watching them.  The dream was short but sweet and I remembered it immediately when I woke up.

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3 Responses to Finally, a baby dream.

  1. Terri & Dad says:

    Oh My, a baby boy.. Love it Gotta keep the Robbins name going. If weather holds, I will be sending the *baby-dust* quilt next week. Love you guys soooooo much.

  2. sounds great Terri! My friends and I are gearing up for the ‘event’ as we speak. A lot of ideas running around! We are super excited. Love you too!

  3. Linda says:

    Great Dream! I love it!

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