We need a date (and can’t be late)

Before we can book our air travel I have to get approval from one professor if I can take a final early.  I should know on Tuesday whether it is possible or not.  We only have a very small window between my Winter and Spring semesters for us to get to the clinic or we will have to postpone until May when I am out for summer break.  Either way we are fine with that.  We know that we are going to be very rushed if we go in March but we are OK with that too.

If we stay on target we will arrive in Prague (either Wednesday or Thursday depending on my finals), take the bus or train to the clinic, have  an initial consultation,  my exam, and Rob makes his “deposit”.  Then we are on our own until we have the transfer the following Tuesday which is about 5 days for the little embies to get ready for me 🙂

We were looking at a Europe map today and decided on Prague to Berlin, Berlin to Amsterdam, Amsterdam back to Prague.   I checked on prices for trains, planes and hitchhiking (which I did before and its easy)  and we will probably go the cheapest and fastest which, unbelievably, is inner Euro airlines.  Sweet!

Looking at travel plans is keeping me from being nervous about all the other stuff we are going to do there 🙂

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