Checking off the list!

Rob wired the deposit to the clinic this morning!

Wow.  I can’t even believe it.  I am so proud that we managed to save a bunch of dough this past month.  I would also like to thank my school for the lovely award they gave me for books which I promptly deposited into the baby fund (I hope they don’t read this).  Hehe.

Last night we met with the venue manager and looked at the room options for the fundraiser.  We have the room picked out and now need to pick the date which will more than likely by Saturday, March 5th.

Tonight we are going to book our flight.

The clinic also sent my dates after I received approval from my professors to take my finals early in the week:

First appointments at the clinic and donor egg collection – March 17th
The big date! Egg Transfer – March 22nd! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

We are planning on doing a lot of city hopping on the 5 days off and then after the transfer we will hang out in Prague for a few days and leave on Saturday the 26th from there.

This is really happening!!  I can’t even believe it.

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4 Responses to Checking off the list!

  1. Terri & Dad says:

    WHat a wonderful time to do this Your timing covers Dad’s and My B _days What a wonderful gift to have you have this done in this time frame WE will never forget when you was *Baby-dusted*….*LOL* we are getting very excited for you both. anything we can do for you now?? Let us know.. xoxoxoox

    • Yaay for good timing!! Thank you Terri! Nothing right now I don’t think. I appreciate you asking! I will be sending out an email and FB message for ‘Save the Date’ for the fundraiser, and then a separate one to close friends and our family to ask for items to be donated. I started a FundRaiser page on FB and will attach the link when the message goes out. We are busy to say the least! I need an assistant. haha!

  2. Linda says:

    Excellent! Or should I say Egg-cellent. 😉
    Looked at the pictures from the Rendevous (sp). Looks really cool. I hope you will get lots of great donations for the raffle!
    When you have actually booked the flights is when things will really seem REAL.
    Very egg-citing!

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