Every day is busy!

I need to time manage better.  I get so engrossed in what I am doing that the time flies by!!  School is going great but I do need to spend more time on my homework instead of reading blogs, updating mine, planning, mapping, obsessing .. yep, that is I.

Hotels are pretty much booked now and I have updated the calendar below and copied it to a page on the navigation bar called Calendar for easy access 🙂

As well, a LOT of people have messaged or emailed stating they are sending items for donation.  I am overwhelmed by the amount of generosity I am seeing.  We are so fortunate to have the friends and family that we do.  Just incredible.


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2 Responses to Every day is busy!

  1. Terri & Dad says:

    Well you do have your priorities ya know :)…..

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