My cycle has begun

I am sitting in the waiting area of my doctors office. I just got the Lupron injection that starts my cycle. The nurse asked me to wait 20 minutes to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

I love this place, my Doctor, the staff and nurses. Yes, its a community clinic but its some of the best care I’ve ever received.  My doctor, Katy, went to great lengths to arm herself with every aspect of both my medication and the treatment.  My overall health is paramount here.

When I arrived for my appointment with the nurse the desk staff were so kind in letting me know how excited they all were.  They told me they are really looking forward to seeing me throughout the pregnancy.  It was so touching.

Then the nurse called me in for the injection (which goes in the butt!).  She is a quiet nurse, reserved and to the point. No jokes or funny business.  The injection was painless. As I was leaving she said, “My daughter is the joy of my life. You are on my church’s prayer list for a successful transfer.”

I fought tears and gave her a bear hug that she wasn’t expecting and she felt awkward.  Too bad!  I am hugging you!  She then told me sit outside for 20 minutes in her  “back-to-business” nurse self.

It is simply amazing — this power of love.

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One Response to My cycle has begun

  1. Linda says:

    This is so exciting, and so amazing, and I love your nurse. Now quit making me cry!!!

    You do know that there are lots of prayers going up for you, don’t you? We love you and Rob so much, and hope that there will soon be one (two) more to love!

    Happy Valentines Day!

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