Meet our donor, well .. Visualize our donor

We received the donor’s detail and thought we would share them with everyone


Education:  University student

Height /in cm/: 164  (5′ 3″)

Weigh /in kg/: 54  (118.8 lbs)

Eyes: brown

Hair:  brown

Age: 22

Children : 0

Successful donor  (meaning our donor has provided her eggs before and the recipient got pregnant. )


No genetic diseases are known in her family. Both her parents are still alive.

She underwent all the medical and psychological tests being in accordance with Guidelines for Oocyte Donation of The American Society of Reproductive Medicine.


This makes me VERY happy.  As many of you are aware my mother is Brazilian and we had originally planned on going to a Latin country for DE but this proved impossible due to strict laws, etc.  When we submitted the list of our physical characteristics that the clinic in Zlin requests of all patients, I did note that I am a Brown eyed, Brown hair girl although I am very blonde in the photo we submitted to them.   No, I am not a true blonde 😛

So this donor fits me well. I am also 5′ 3″ and was 118 pounds once .. when was that?  🙂

We couldn’t be happier.

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