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knock knock …

who’s there? Another + urine test the doctor had me take today (along with draw for the Beta / blood work).   SHE EVEN HAD TEARS!  The door slowly opened to the exam room as she peeked in .. “You are … Continue reading

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So my cycle buddy has been doing a HPT (Home Pregnancy Test) or POAS (peeing on a stick) all week.  The deal is we have our Beta (blood work) which measures the HCG to determine pregnancy today, but a LOT … Continue reading

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home sweet home

We arrived yesterday, dropped our bags at the house and went straight to the emergency clinic.   Two days prior I woke up with what I thought were bed bug bites.  My legs and arms had these small, red, itchy dots … Continue reading

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All is well and really couldn’t be better

As we arrived to the clinic we were met by a lovely deer.  He, or she, was just gorgeous.  The day was beautiful and sunny.  We were ready. We met my cycle buddy and her husband for tea in the … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is the big day!

It’s here.  We head to the clinic tomorrow around lunchtime and speak with the embryologist and learn what ‘grade’ or quality we have in our 7 good eggs.  Then we have a few appointments and then … we have have … Continue reading

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What a journey it has been

Let’s see.  We arrived in Prague and found the car rental place with no issues and got our little yellow Fiat.  Heading to Zlin from Prague was super easy with the Tom Tom guiding our way.  It was raining pretty … Continue reading

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It’s starting to feel less stressful now

Last night Rob said, “I bet you won’t try to go to school and have a baby next time.” Next time.   If all goes well this is it!  Then, he quickly said, “Knowing you though, you probably will or some … Continue reading

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The Fundraiser

Wow.  Just wow.  We raised $1,224 from the Bon Voyage/Fundraiser! Incredible!! This has truly been a lot of work but more then anything it has truly been the single most important event that brought together friends and family. I am … Continue reading

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my heritage

I guess I am ‘nesting’ in some ways and very curious about my own heritage, family, who I am – which is odd because my heritage won’t pass to our little embryos but still … its been on my mind … Continue reading

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