What a journey it has been

Let’s see.  We arrived in Prague and found the car rental place with no issues and got our little yellow Fiat.  Heading to Zlin from Prague was super easy with the Tom Tom guiding our way.  It was raining pretty hard and we didn’t have very good directions to the hotel but Rob took a turn and there it was.  Zlin is much larger then we thought.

Our hotel sucked but since we had been up for over 24 hours we just ignored the flaws and went to bed.  We didn’t sleep so well but did get some rest.  Although the hotel room sucked the breakfast in the restaurant was great.  We loved it.

We headed to the clinic for our morning appointments.  The clinic ultra modern, ultra posh, and ultra nice.  There is a cafe that is really lovely and where we found a quiet moment to drink our espressos and read magazines.

Robs appointment went great as did mine although they doubled a couple of my meds to get my lining just a bit more thick.  I am borderline to ideal (7.3mm to 8mm).  After our appointments we had our consultation and our doctor said everything was just fine and no problems.  We sat out in the waiting room and saw our donor.  Well, I think it was our donor.  They reception area is where the patients and the donor arrive at the same time.  They are having their eggs harvested and the husbands have just made their ‘donation’.    Two other girls from my group were also there.  I am the only one that had a donor who is 5’3″ and there was only one donor sitting there that matched that height.  The others were quite tall.    I knew we would see them but it was so odd knowing one of them was giving me her eggs.  Needless to say I stared a hole through her.  She never looked up from her magazine.  The Czech girls are very private and certainly more so in this situation were privacy is at stake.

Once our appointments were done I stepped outside and cried my eyes out in Rob’s shoulder.  It all hit me just then.  At that moment I realized we were there.  We were doing this.    It was pretty surreal.  We got in the car and started on our drive heading to Germany.  We found a wonderful pension just near the border and slept.  The place was so nice and the owner was wonderful.  The house is also a music studio.  We slept like babies on overstuffed duvets.  Then at 10am I made the nerve wracking phone call to see how things went in the lab.

They harvested 9 eggs from the donor.  8 fertilized and 7 are maturing very well.  Rob and I cried and are so happy!! This means we can relax now and enjoy the rest of our free days.

We stopped in Frankfurt and found a cute hotel in the center of town.  Tomorrow we will visit the old town of Frankfurt and decide if we are going to stay here or head out more on the open road.  I think we are getting tired of driving and may just stop here and head back to Zlin on Sunday.  We visited a wonderful hotel/spa in Zlin just before we left for our road trip and plan to stay there on our return and after embryo transfer which will happen on Tuesday at 12:30pm (Czech time).

We are excited about getting back to Zlin and the transfer.  xoxo

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One Response to What a journey it has been

  1. Linda says:

    WOW! I’m sitting here crying like a baby. Oh, that’s good…this is all about babies! So glad your trip went well, even driving in the rain, just looked at a map again and hadn’t realized how far Zlin was from Prague.
    Sorry your first hotel wasn’t so great, BUT really glad to hear that the clinic sounds so modern and clean. I was a bit surprised that the donors and recipients would be in the same waiting room, I know they want everything private and confidential. What would have stopped you from starting a conversation with the young lady, other than the language barrier?
    Fantastic thet the embryo’s are developing well!!!
    Keep up the great posts, you know there are LOTS of your friends and family eagerly awaiting info.
    Love you both (or 3 or 4) sooooo much!

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