All is well and really couldn’t be better

As we arrived to the clinic we were met by a lovely deer.  He, or she, was just gorgeous.  The day was beautiful and sunny.  We were ready.

We met my cycle buddy and her husband for tea in the clinic cafe and then headed upstairs for our various appointments, blood work for me to check progesterone level, which came back just perfect, pay the balance (yikes) and then to the surgery center.

Our resting room and bed was very nice and overlooked the woods behind the clinic.  I changed into my gown and then they came to get me and Rob.   The entire process took no more then 10 minutes, 5 minutes rest in the surgery room and then wheeled back in the resting room for an hour.  Rob held my hand the entire time and we both looked a bit terrified.  Understandable right?

After an hour of rest we got ourselves together to head back to the hotel.  We had one more stop to make in the clinic for our prescriptions and pickup our file.  Rob said, “you got babies squirted in you honey.”  It is so cute.

Meet the babies:

Two perfect grade Embies all snuggled in.  The one of the left has already begun to hatch which is the PERFECT embryo to have.  This means that this little guy will begin to implant and snuggle in in about 24-hours.  So its rest rest rest for me to help him or her out.   I do have a tiny bit of cramping which is a good sign that he is trying to find a place to settle into.  Rob talked to them this morning and tears ran down my face.  We are making little jokes now too.  This morning he teased me about my snoring in the night and I said .. Hey! I am snoring for three!

This morning we are leaving for Prague to the apartment we rented and will stay there for 3 days to rest, rest, rest.

We are also thinking about Mike and hope he has a speedy recovery.  Hopefully we will get to talk to him later today.

We miss everyone.

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5 Responses to All is well and really couldn’t be better

  1. jonna says:

    omg, Marina, I just cried reading that and seeing the embries. And laughed at Robs cute little ” you got babies squirted in you, honey” saying, I LOVE it! I’ve read all your posts since you’ve left to John, to keep him up to date.
    Today he said “TWO?” hehehe. ” two babies?” I explained to him that, well yes, maybe; BUT 2 is just in case. He’s hoping for 2, btw, since that’s what we’ve always talked about having.
    My Dad is a twin, I think you already know that, and there are twins galore on his side of the family. Yet no one has had twins since my MamaCurry.
    Cross fingers for me….. one day. heh

    Rest rest rest! Then get your butts home. Can’t wait to see you, love you so much, marina bobina.

  2. Terri & Dad says:

    OMG I also had tears after seeing our G -embies….and how Rob is so much in love and his reaction to all this. we are thrilled that we was able to see the little embries..knowing this time next yr we might be making a trip to Seattle to meet her/him or both. Dad did fine…..might be home THursday….( Maybe )…Surgery only took 2 hrs….2 hrs recovery then on to ICU where I am sure he wont remember Michelle and myself sitting and talking to him..I am headed back up there this morning…Linda will go visit after work.. You rest as much as you can to be sure those *cuties* stay where they belong..LOve you guys… Terri

  3. Michelle says:

    Marina and Rob, I’m are so happy for you guys (all 4 of you). Love the pic of the Embies, I had to show them to all my co-workers. So precious!!!
    Best wishes and have a safe trip home. We can’t wait to see you again.
    Love, Michelle

  4. Linda says:

    I love this! Just like Michelle, I had to show the picture of the Grand-embbies to all my co-workers! Terri was going to print out a copy and take to the hospital and put up on Mike’s wall!
    So…..I really hope that you do have twins!! One for each of you. 🙂
    Rob, saw your dad this afternoon and he is doing fine. Still a little groggy, but fine.
    Enjoy your time in Prague and have a safe trip back to Seattle.
    Jonna…if you and John have twins, too, think of all the fun you’ll all have. All 8 of you!
    Robrinna…Love you soooooo much!

  5. Winder says:

    this is absolutely wonderful. i am so happy for you.

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