home sweet home

We arrived yesterday, dropped our bags at the house and went straight to the emergency clinic.   Two days prior I woke up with what I thought were bed bug bites.  My legs and arms had these small, red, itchy dots all over them.  We got some cortizone cream at the pharmacy in Prague and that seemed to help, however, on the flight home they got worse.  I was literally covered from head to toe in these bumps and the itching was so intense.  The flight was hard enough without dealing with this crazy stuff.  I used all the cream we got on the flight.  I probably would have just bought more cream here and dealt with it but I have two little embies in me and HAD to make sure nothing toxic was getting in my blood stream from these bites.

Two doctors later they concluded these weren’t bites at all but an allergic reaction, or “contact dermatitis”.    One asked if I had done laundry while there.  Yes, yes we had.  “Did you wash the bra you are wearing.”  No, no I hadn’t.  AH HA! That is it then!  There are no bumps where your bra is but everywhere else.  Also, on the flight wearing snug clothes made these little buggers warm and irritated.  Ugh what a mess.

The trip was tough.  I got sick a few times and then this allergic reaction.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but holy hell I am glad to be home, in my own bed, resting.  We have pretty much slept since we got home.  The doctor gave me two prescriptions for the allergic reaction (safe for pregnancy) and they knock me out.  We are just plum tuckered out 🙂

Now we wait.  We will know if we are pg the first week of April.  I will fill my days with lots of activity until then.  So far everything seems really really good and no issues at all.  I am ready to wear maternity clothes too!  My belly already feels full!

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2 Responses to home sweet home

  1. Linda says:

    Well, that is a kick in the b***! At least it’s an allergy and not something to do with the baby(ies)! Lots of rest sounds like a really good thing! I know my time table was messed up for almost aweek and I only changed 2 time zones. Was sorry to hear you got sick on the flight back (morning sickness, already?)
    You guys take care and WELCOME HOME!

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