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Our first ultrasound

Pretty cool huh? The beans heart rate is 113 bpm. Just perfect. Many tears were shed. I can’t wait for the next one. Here is the photo. Advertisements

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He feels it too

I love this site.  Here is what the baby is doing this week: All is well here.  I think the junk food phase has ended.  Thank goodness!  Today all I wanted was fruit and today the local market had … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, I am so preggers

The tell-tale signs are upon us. My boobs have become Ji-nor-mus and I have to get a new bra. I want donuts really bad.  And grits. (Maybe that’s why my boobs are Ji-nor-mus). I get up between 4am and 5am … Continue reading

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OK! We can jump up and down now!!

We made it.  We are cleared for take off.  We got us a little bean that has perfect development numbers.  Its just a single bebe and that is just fine.  A single bebe that is developing right on schedule. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! … Continue reading

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Looks like a single bean :)

Beta tests, HCg levels, blood work …. too much info!  The good thing is the test results put me in the normal range and it appears to be a Singleton.  We are super happy.  Not that we wouldn’t have been … Continue reading

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one or two?

We got the blood work this morning and my HCG is 130.  My doctor thinks that we are having a singleton, although from what I have read the average at this time should be around 100.  They will redraw blood … Continue reading

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