one or two?

We got the blood work this morning and my HCG is 130.  My doctor thinks that we are having a singleton, although from what I have read the average at this time should be around 100.  They will redraw blood tomorrow (Saturday) to see where the numbers are then.  That is really the crucial number which should double in 48 hours.  This is REALLY REALLY great news!  A number lower than 50 right now would be a bust but we have to see the numbers for Saturday to know more.

I am exactly 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant 🙂

Weird huh?  Since the transfer was only 2 weeks ago but with IVF it is based on with the donor ovulated.  They explain it much better here:

Keep your toes and fingers crossed that the numbers double!

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3 Responses to one or two?

  1. Jules says:

    Hi! I just came across your blog when I searched Reprofit on Facebook. Believe it or not, my husband and I were just in Brno for a donor egg transfer – and we did a 5 day transfer on the 22nd, which seems like the same day as you. We transferred two grade 1 8 cell embryos. I am TERRIFIED to take the pregnancy test and don’t know when I will!

    I have never been pregnant – have been trying for two years…about year ago I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis (stage IV) and a few months after surgery, more IUIs and an IVF, was told I have diminished ovarian reserve on top of it all. I’m 31, and the last year has been the biggest rollercoaster of my life!

    I am so happy for you with your positive pregnancy test! (Funny how you can be so happy for someone you never met, but this inferitlity world is uniqe that way.)


  2. Caroline says:

    Hi Marina – congrats on your BFP, as a fellow Czech IVF’er I have been following your blog – I went to Reprofit. Check out you can compare your number with their list of singletons and twins. So happy you got your BFP on your first go – sending you tons of doubling vibes for tomorrow.


  3. terri * dad says:

    Hey.. So HAPPY.Yeah My laptop is down so I am not online very much. All is good here…Dad is doing ok but needs to walk more wont be back to work til after May at earliest. Will tell him what the GREAT news is But will wait to tell G Ma til you are 100%… But sounds like its ALL GOOD 😉

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