He feels it too

I love this site.  Here is what the baby is doing this week:


All is well here.  I think the junk food phase has ended.  Thank goodness!  Today all I wanted was fruit and today the local market had some great stuff:  Honey Melon, Oranges, grapes, watermelon and cantaloupe.  Yumm!

I haven’t had any issues with spotting or cramping which is a concern during the 1st trimester especially after all we have been through to get here.  According to the pros, my blood work results indicate a healthy embryo developing normally, but I still worry.  Thats my job.

This Thursday (I will be 6 weeks exactly) is my first appointment with the OB and I am really looking forward to that.  I have a list of questions.  I also have been devouring books on pregnancy and Rob even has a couple he is reading that were written by husbands for husbands.  One is super informative and the other is tongue-in-cheek that I really like.  “What she will complain about THIS month.” hehe.

I am having some nausea but knew it was coming.  I read a few tips that I will follow like eating a few crackers before getting out of bed and sucking on cinnamon hard candy when the nausea starts.  I got both today.  I just hate that we went to have such a nice dinner last night that I promptly threw up.  What a waste.  Oh well.  Here is something interesting though .. Rob said he is feeling nauseous too!  Cute huh?

Happiness is a word that barely describes how I feel.  I am so in love with Rob and our little bean.

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2 Responses to He feels it too

  1. gwendifierce says:

    I’m happy that you’re beyond happy. 🙂

  2. Terri & Dad says:

    Sorry you are sick so quickly into your preggers but it is only fair that Rob has a touch of it too. I was lucky I didnt have any with both my boys…but crackers does help I hear!!

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