We are all doing super!

Its been far too long since I posted! I should not be taking this long.  I could easily blame it on the HG .. and well .. I will!  Its almost gone though!  I don’t think I have thrown up for a week now and even then it was at night and only a couple of times.  In my book that means its out the door!

King is doing great and kicking up a storm!  He doesn’t like it when I bend at the waist.  Rob said maybe I am squishing him.  Hehe.  He is one active baby too!  We can feel his kicks with our hand now too.  What an incredible, beautiful, emotional feeling that is.  I can’t explain it.  Its just amazing.

I am 24 weeks now (5+ months) and am doing really good.  King is developing right on track.   My body is taking a few hits here and there, some pulling and tugging but all in all I feel good right now.

We are finishing up the remodel on the house and found a really adorable apartment downtown that we will move in Sept. 15th.  It has 2 bedrooms, a large deck (for gardening, of course), storage, under ground parking and is a 2-story townhouse style.  I am selling a lot of my large, heavy furniture including my Danish dining set but we don’t need a big, fancy table so out if goes (for a nice chunk of change we hope).  We are down-sizing like crazy since King will come with a lot of his own stuff 🙂

I daydream about his nursery everyday and can’t wait to start decorating it.  Can you believe we are here now? Decorating a nursery?  Wow.  We have to be the LUCKIEST couple on the planet.  Seriously.  I say that everyday.  We are so lucky.  Our dreams are truly coming true.

So yeah, the nursery.  I have so many ideas but we know which crib we are getting.  Its at IKEA.  I will find a mid-century dresser and create a changing table out of it like this:

Its safe to say that King’s nursery will be natural, organic, cozy, with animals.  I think I have put my best finds and inspiration here: nursery-favs

Jonna, Alice and Kay are graciously planning the Baby Shower slated for Saturday, October 8th.  Jonna is hosting the shower at her house and I just can’t wait!  These girls are so amazing to do this for us.  It’s going to be a really lovely time.  Co-ed too!

Everything is wonderful.  Rob and I are so excited to meet King.   Excited doesn’t even describe it.  Love does.

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