Oh sugar … honey, honey. You are my candy girl!!

My glucose came back high.  I’ve been pretty upset about it but was told it is nothing I could have done to avoid it.  It comes from the hormones.  I have to fast for 15 hours which started tonight at 8pm (my last supper), then sit in the lab waiting room for 3 hours in the morning from 8am – 11am.  They draw blood every hour.  These tests will tell if I have gestational diabetes or not.  This is common and I am not going to freak out but I am truly upset and want to know now!  Tomorrow is going to be a grueling day to say the least but I will take a laptop, one of the ten books I am reading and stick it out.  Either way I know my doctor is going to put me on a more strict diet as to not add to the sugar levels.  Bye chocolate.  I will miss you.

Of course once King is here and I start breastfeeding my diet is going to be restrictive to say the least … so better start now 🙂

My iron was a tad low too so I start an Iron supplement tomorrow.

Otherwise, all is well here.  The apartment is slowly coming together.  The downstairs is pretty much arranged but the upstairs is box hell.  I will get to it one box at a time.  Rob is going to Tacoma almost every night until fairly late to finish up the house.  Poor thing.  I know he is carrying so much on his shoulders which he never talks about and always smiles regardless.  I cannot even imagine what he is juggling with all of this.  He deserves one hell of a vacation …. one day.  He actually deserves much more.  Much, much more.   Like a Ferrari!

I really love our new place.  Its small and cozy just like I like it.  Rob says he thinks its the perfect size for all of us.  I have to agree.  We have lovely neighbors, a gorgeous park behind the building, walking trails and a great view of downtown.  The restaurants are awesome and there is so much here we will explore the coming months.  We are happy as can be, can’t wait to meet our son and looking forward to our future.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Oh sugar … honey, honey. You are my candy girl!!

  1. Winder says:

    good luck!! it’ll all be fine, i’m sure of it. ❤
    take pics of the new place! you always had a great eye for decor. 😉
    i can't wait to meet King too. he'll be such a rad lil duder.

  2. Terri Robbins says:

    Gal, you hang in there. You have already been thru so much to get to this point, the rest should be a peace of cake….sugarless of course, Been yrs since I carried a baby, s I am not up on the glucose thing and being preggers, But if any couple can get thru this little fluke, it is you guys. are you trying to sell the house or is Rob working on it for a rental?? Rob can maybe take vaca when King arrives and you 3 can bond finally and just take the time to rest and enjoy this *family* time . We love you guys very much and I enjoy these posts on here. I hope all goes well today for you altho sitting around a DR office isnt the best day to have. So boring. 🙂 Keep us up to date about *King* ok?? Love to you 3, Terri & Dad

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