I have seen a lot of needles in my lifetime :)

Tattoos, IVF and now GD (aka Gestational Diabetes) which I just started treating.  I have to poke myself 4 x daily (first thing in the morning, after breakfast. lunch and dinner) and log the readings.  I start a new diet as well which I am TOTALLY looking forward to.  I was once a hardcore pescatarian and ate SO healthy.  I got away from it in the past couple of years and haven’t been eating that rigorous.  All that is about to change and I hope Rob will be on board to cut sugar out of our diet to a minimum.

The RN taught me how to use the meter and its not so bad.  I want to do everything they are telling me and I will NOT deviate away from the instructions.  Essentially I count carbs and am only allowed so many for each meal.  I eat small meals, low in carbs, 6 times a day.  I can still bake but am now downloading low carb or sugar-free recipes.  Like Oatmeal Cookies with no sugar but has molasses, etc.  Sweet can come from many other sources besides sugar.   I am learning a lot and this will only compliment what I already know about good food, raising food and how proteins can be healthy, meat in moderation though.

King is moving so much now.  I can watch my tummy shift from side to side and see his head move across my belly.  It kinda freaked me out last night because it looked like he was coming out!  Soooo weird!! He is an active baby but sleeps through the night so I hope that’s a good sign!   I am definitely going to ask for another u/s soon so I can see him again and see how big he is 🙂

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2 Responses to I have seen a lot of needles in my lifetime :)

  1. Terri Robbins says:

    Hey Hon, I did the blood draws for yrs and had to write down everything.. Also had to watch the carbs ( which is my favorite thing in the world )… I used a meter that U had to use on my fingers and oh my, my fingers was so sore all the time, Then I got a meter that I used on the heels of my hands and my arms etc etc , worked great for me and it gave my fingers a break. The small meals are great too I Use to get low on sugar level and almost pass out THat was before I knew I had diabetes,, so I am off the meds now and try to watch what I eat Its easy to take care of ..Keep us inforned LOve you guys

    • Hi Terri. Yep, its the finger poker and that’s what I have to use but its only going to be until King is born, possibly a short-time after but not long. I am definitely looking forward to the new menu and eating habits. This is really important to me. Generally medication (insulin) is not given for GD unless it is really, really bad. My numbers are already dropping since I started yesterday so I think its going to be just fine 🙂

      Thank you for the support! I appreciate it.

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