My water definitely broke.

In September of 2009, after an exhaustive and trying time in my life, I looked around, took everything in, examined, searched, trying to understand where I was, how I had gotten there, what was missing?  Motherhood.  That was missing.  A deep and hollow hole had been left inside me and it needed to be filled in order to continue to understand who I was.

My Mom recently told me a story about how I would try and take care of my little brother when they brought him home from the hospital.  I was 3 but wanted to dress him, change his diaper, feed him and would always be the one that pushed him in the stroller.  She said as soon as she put the changing pad down I would get all the items he needed before she had a chance.  She called me “little momma” and she knew I would be a great Mom one day.

I made many phone calls and saw my OB to understand what my chances were and what I could do.  Some of those calls returned promise while others were not as optimistic.  I needed something concrete.  Something to kick start this new journey.  Something to support this path.  In walked Rob.  Like an angel, seriously.  It makes sense to me.  I’ve been a good person all my life, big heart, kind soul, lost most of the time but with good intentions.  Rob was the one person who was absolutely meant to be right there, right then, just right on time.   Makes you wonder if there was a greater force at work, placing him on the road I was on.  We bumped into each other at the Yield Sign.  “Hello.  Can I walk with you?”  Why yes you can.

Rob made it abundantly clear he wanted a child.  He was fast approaching 40 and it needed to be soon.  Funny thing! I am trying to find out if I can get pregnant!  Cool.  We seem just a like.  He claims I am the female version of himself.  Cute huh?  We are so much alike its somewhat scary.  We are still individuals though with our own outside interests, friends, and hobbies.  But this baby thing is top priority!  Let’s go then.

You all know the rest of the story.  I won’t repeat it all.  I will just close this amazing chapter with the following:

Welcome Robert Michael Robbins III who we lovingly call King.
Born November 13, 2011, 3 weeks early, at 7lbs. 5 oz., 19.5″ long.
He is the spitting image of his Daddy with a full head of hair.
He is a wonderful baby.
We stare at him constantly, barely let him out of our arms and know that our lives are beyond perfect.

I love my son.  I love Rob.

Come meet King.  He will tell you all about the road to happiness.

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3 Responses to My water definitely broke.

  1. gwendifierce says:

    This is so beautiful. It’s such an awesome story, one that needs to be retold and retold, so others out there can have hope as well. Love you Marina, I’m so happy you found your angel and were fulfilled. You now have a beautiful family, and I can’t wait to meet them someday. ❤

  2. Terri Robbins says:

    I am trying to find way to sneak into G’Pa’s suitcase but I just dont fit *LOL* Please remind G’Pa to take some good pixs of King for me please. I love all the FB pixs but have some friends that dont *DO* FB so I would be grateful to have proof to them that there is a KING in the family. I will send the camera with G”pa and hope he can get some good pixs of King and also of you guys too holding him etc LOve the story above…… It was so mean to be you 2 meeting and being so connected as if out of the same beacon *S*… I am so happy to be a small part of this family and blessed that I can love and enjoy your truly amazing journey. Much love, Terri

  3. sue says:

    Wow, I am so behind. What a beautiful King! I hope you are settling in to that role you waited for so long…mommy. Congrats to you all.

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