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My water definitely broke.

In September of 2009, after an exhaustive and trying time in my life, I looked around, took everything in, examined, searched, trying to understand where I was, how I had gotten there, what was missing?  Motherhood.  That was missing.  A … Continue reading

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I have seen a lot of needles in my lifetime :)

Tattoos, IVF and now GD (aka Gestational Diabetes) which I just started treating.  I have to poke myself 4 x daily (first thing in the morning, after breakfast. lunch and dinner) and log the readings.  I start a new diet … Continue reading

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Oh sugar … honey, honey. You are my candy girl!!

My glucose came back high.  I’ve been pretty upset about it but was told it is nothing I could have done to avoid it.  It comes from the hormones.  I have to fast for 15 hours which started tonight at … Continue reading

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The pelvic bone is connected to the …..

Did you know that your pelvic bone moves 2 – 5mm when you are pregnant to help the baby pass through the birth canal? Me either!! Sometimes they move a bit too much.  When that happens it feels like a … Continue reading

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We are all doing super!

Its been far too long since I posted! I should not be taking this long.  I could easily blame it on the HG .. and well .. I will!  Its almost gone though!  I don’t think I have thrown up … Continue reading

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Hi. Its been a while.

Well,  I guess everyone that reads this blog deserves to know what is going on.  Nothing bad, just medical stuff with me.  I haven’t posted because 1) I didn’t want to seem like a complainer, 2) I haven’t felt like … Continue reading

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Pokes and Prods

When I started the Pokes and Prodding page here on our blog I never dreamed in a million years that the pokes would be this intense.  If I had to guess I would imagine that to date I have had … Continue reading

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Who am I?

I sniff everything! Especially fabric, the sheets, clothes, my pillow .. something is making them stink!  No I didn’t change the fabric softener or laundry detergent but what is that smell?  Oh wait … I’M PREGNANT!  It’s so crazy really.  … Continue reading

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Icky. Ugh. Plaah

I haven’t posted in awhile and thought I should let those that follow our journey here know whats been going on. I have pretty much been sick, at the doctors, in the hospital and on the couch for the past … Continue reading

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Our first ultrasound

Pretty cool huh? The beans heart rate is 113 bpm. Just perfect. Many tears were shed. I can’t wait for the next one. Here is the photo.

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He feels it too

I love this site.  Here is what the baby is doing this week: All is well here.  I think the junk food phase has ended.  Thank goodness!  Today all I wanted was fruit and today the local market had … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, I am so preggers

The tell-tale signs are upon us. My boobs have become Ji-nor-mus and I have to get a new bra. I want donuts really bad.  And grits. (Maybe that’s why my boobs are Ji-nor-mus). I get up between 4am and 5am … Continue reading

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OK! We can jump up and down now!!

We made it.  We are cleared for take off.  We got us a little bean that has perfect development numbers.  Its just a single bebe and that is just fine.  A single bebe that is developing right on schedule. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! … Continue reading

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Looks like a single bean :)

Beta tests, HCg levels, blood work …. too much info!  The good thing is the test results put me in the normal range and it appears to be a Singleton.  We are super happy.  Not that we wouldn’t have been … Continue reading

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one or two?

We got the blood work this morning and my HCG is 130.  My doctor thinks that we are having a singleton, although from what I have read the average at this time should be around 100.  They will redraw blood … Continue reading

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knock knock …

who’s there? Another + urine test the doctor had me take today (along with draw for the Beta / blood work).   SHE EVEN HAD TEARS!  The door slowly opened to the exam room as she peeked in .. “You are … Continue reading

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So my cycle buddy has been doing a HPT (Home Pregnancy Test) or POAS (peeing on a stick) all week.  The deal is we have our Beta (blood work) which measures the HCG to determine pregnancy today, but a LOT … Continue reading

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home sweet home

We arrived yesterday, dropped our bags at the house and went straight to the emergency clinic.   Two days prior I woke up with what I thought were bed bug bites.  My legs and arms had these small, red, itchy dots … Continue reading

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All is well and really couldn’t be better

As we arrived to the clinic we were met by a lovely deer.  He, or she, was just gorgeous.  The day was beautiful and sunny.  We were ready. We met my cycle buddy and her husband for tea in the … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is the big day!

It’s here.  We head to the clinic tomorrow around lunchtime and speak with the embryologist and learn what ‘grade’ or quality we have in our 7 good eggs.  Then we have a few appointments and then … we have have … Continue reading

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