Lets recap.

Early 2009:
• Poking around asking questions about Tubal Reversal.
Conclusion: Yes, it can be done but first determine if there are quality eggs.

• Purchased a bunch of home tests for Ovarian Reserve at Target.
Conclusion: The sticks said there are eggs up there.

• Oct. 2009 met Rob, the love of my life.  Started working with Fertility Specialist at UW.  Many, many tests were administered over many, many months.
Conclusion: Yes there are eggs, not a lot, but are they quality?  How about just skip the idea of harvesting my own and go the Egg Donor route using Robs stuff.  OK, sounds good.

• Rob has SA and all is wonderful there.

• UW coordinator assisted in selecting local IVF clinic based on success, number of transfers, etc.  We selected Seattle Fertility.  Met with them and discovered the procedure will cost roughly $30,000 which does not include the cost of medication, donor eggs or freezing ‘leftover’ embryos.

• Got on the internet and researched “alternative IVF” and discovered that nearly 85% of US women needing IVF go abroad.  Cost for IVF with donated eggs, medication, procedure and frozen eggs: $7,000.  IVF Costs Aboard.

• Found myivfalternative.com – which is a Medical Travel Coordinator.  Yes, this is a BIG business.  These companies are incredibly sensitive to the needs of patients looking for medical assistance at affordable prices.  They help with all the arrangements including working with the clinic where there may be a language barrier.  These coordinators work with all types of medical needs not just IVF.

• Working with coordinator for IVF with DE in Czech Republic.

• Considered Buenes Aires so there would be a Latin contribution to the mix but learned that we would not be able to freeze any ‘leftovers’ in the event we wanted to return should the cycle fail.

• Back on track working with the CR coordinator and are slated to leave March, 2011.

• Discovered through an IVF buddy that the sister clinic to Reprofit is located in Zlin, CR and is about $1300 less then the Brno clinic.  We are talking to that clinic now.


2 Responses to Lets recap.

  1. Susi says:

    Marina –

    I wish you great luck on your adventure to the CR. We went twice May ’08 OEIVF and May ’09 DE/DS IVF. 2nd time resulted in our b/g twins now 10 months old. We loved Reprofit and really enjoyed Brno with jaunts to Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and Bratislava.

    I am really surprised by the stat you have above of 85% of US IVF patients go abroad for treatment. Everyone has always reacted with great surprise to our decision to go abroad. I have encountered a smattering of US gals online that have explored treatment abroad but of all my literally dozens of friends that have gone through IVF (met in a mind/body group – highly recommended), I am the only one to have traveled for IVF. Even RESOLVE is pretty non-accepting of treatment abroad (much to our surprise).

    I think a blog is a wonderful idea and I will check back on you from time to time. If you have any questions. You may e-mail me at strot004@umn.edu.

    I truly truly truly wish you all the best in this adventure – subfertility sucks!


    • Hi Susi!

      Thanks for much for the well wishes. I really appreciate it.

      I think the 85% came from a very recent publication I read that represents more of those who are now considering and are aware of the option then have actually ventured abroad for IVF. The publication reported that via internet and with the immediate search results for Medical Travel Coordinators (who are well up in the search engine rankings) it has become much more attainable and accessible then ever before. I would have to agree with that data and analysis. Every medical person I deal with that knows about our plans is familiar with the clinics abroad.

      It is wonderful to hear another accolade for Reprofit. Presently we are in ‘raising money’ mode and things are a bit tense to say the least so we really haven’t come to that relaxing moment yet where we can actually smile and look at travel books. I traveled throughout Europe many years ago and loved it. Going back is going to be incredibly different and certainly more important this time 🙂

      Susi, congratulations to you and your family! I hope we stay in touch.



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