It’s just an age

Baby fever is consuming me. Yes, I am the luckiest chick. I have a beautiful family and a boy that brings me love and joy every second he is near. I miss him when he is in school. School! I can’t believe he is in school! About to enter the 1st grade. He’s amazing. Beautiful, creative, smart, funny, affectionate and has to hug everyone. He was that kid at Trader Joe’s that everyone knew by name. He is thriving in Montessori and loves helping the littles. He’s always been a great sleeper and is an awesome child. He loves to play music, paint and is a wiz at uno! So how could I possibly be feeling this way. Another baby. I really want to give King the brother or sister he has been asking for. And I want that too. I can’t though because no IVF facility abroad would let me transfer at my age. It’s not fair. Who can say if I’m not fit to carry anther child? I cry for this. I want this so much but there is nothing I can do. Age limits have been lowered and I was truly lucky to be accepted when I was in Zlin. So now I have to mourn a baby I’ll  never have. The only optional is a surrogate but I want to carry a baby.

King is our world and I love him more than I could ever imagine. All my love belongs to him and Daddy.  We are truly so happy and I wouldn’t change a thing.





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